My style

Genuine laughter, natural light, essential beauty, spontaneous. If this sounds good to you, I'm your photographer! No too much posing, lots of moments and my work is tailor made for you.

Capturing your emotions is easier when I know your story.  That's why I encourage you to share with me your story! In this way I get to know you better and tell your story in a more personal way.


I try to be discreet. This helps me giving you unexpected photos and they are usually my favorites. Just be yourselves and I will capture every moment. Let's keep it simple and genuine. Love doesn't need much, does it?

Every detail matters when it comes to tell a story. Cover your special day means giving you intense and lovely memories, the story I want to tell is made up of this. 

Fly me to the Moon

Destination Weddings

I'm a wedding destination photographer based in Tuscany, Italy, but if you are planning to get married somewhere else and you like my work feel free to contact me and discuss with me your destination wedding

 I'm ALWAYS looking for new adventures.

Let's go!